The decision I made

It may sound clichéd but it is the truth that applying a master program is through a myriad of critical decisions: What program fits me? Even though I got in that prestigious program, are you sure that I am qualified enough? What about their alumni connection? What’s the academic atmosphere? Should I go on a campus tour before the decision is made…?

The list is endless and there is no right or wrong.

That’s the tricky part. Since no one is under the same circumstances, I don’t believe anyone can just succeed by coping others’. The first thing you need to know is: Find the answer on your own. If you want to know more about that program, don’t just Google it. Make a phone call!

You are right! Make the phone call.

To whom? Call the administrator at the university that you are interested in, and ask that person of whether there is a chance you can talk to a student who is already enrolled in that program. Normally, university has this connection and resources.

Personally, I didn’t make the phone call, but I know that Mizzou Journalism School is my perfect fit. How? Merely looking at their official website. Missouri School of Journalism puts nearly every information on the website, even including syllabus and students’ work.

When I was doing the research of all programs I apply, I already know that I would either choose investigating reporting or convergence journalism, by browsing through the website.

This is something you need to do.

Keep in mind that no one can make the decision for you and no one can judge the decisions you made. How to make the right move depends on how much work you’ve been working on in advance.


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