Here I am

Here I am, at Missouri School of Journalism.

I remember when I told my professor at college that MU is my final decision, her initial response was “Why do you want to pursue journalism? Look how chaotic and disappointing the news environment is in Taiwan. You won’t get better job after then,” even though I know she was extremely proud of me and invited me to give a speech to her students.

She is not the only one holding this worry, but every one around me.

I know that news organizations in Taiwan, or basically anywhere in the world, are partnered with advertisers, and married with sensationalism, ideology, hyperbole and political impartiality duo to intricate business structure.

Given this, I am still intrigued by the informative, challenging nature of journalism. Most importantly, I am affirmed in my belief that those journalistic skills I learn can be translatable. How to analyze data, how to comb through complex threads to make sense the information, how to be on the side of justice as a watchdog for the public good, how to use multi-media to effectively tell a story, how to earn people’s trust, how to be a better person… are inclusive of journalistic skills.

I am not 100 percent affirmative of becoming a reporter one day; however, I am 100 percent certain that these skills, mindsets and capacities can travel through different fields and professions.

Why I choose MU’s J-School is not due to my goal of being a journalists, but duo to my expectation of what and who I want to be.

I want to do something different, something just, something small but vitally necessary to someone, something helpful to the society, and to the underprivileged.

I frown every time when someone asks me of whether I want to be a journalist or anchor one day. It’s annoying and shallow, especially I need to explain all this to someone who I probably only met for less than 10 minutes. And even after my thoughtful explanations, some just cannot understand.

I think I would never ask a law student of whether he/she wants to be an attorney.

I know this sort of stereotypical expectation of someone’s journalism major will definitely follow and haunt me for my entire life.


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